Benefits of Single Keyword Ad Groups

Pay to Play

Paid advertising on search engines has existed for almost two decades. In short, search engines allow marketers to bid on industry relevant keywords to place their site at the top of the search list (read more about Pay-Per-Click).

ADFly uses a highly segmented approach to Pay-Per-Click called Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAG).

Single Keyword Ad Groups

Single Keyword Ad Groups, as the name implies, is bidding on a single keyword placed within one ad group. Many ad campaigns will have 10-20 (sometimes more) keywords in an ad group. This often results in internal keywords battling for relevance. Reducing internal competition ensures you are bidding on the highest performing keywords and excluding the lowest performing keywords.

(Image Source– here is a good example)

Building out many SKAG’s will ensure customers are directed to a page that will give them the most value. Google rewards pages high in perceived value.


  1. Less complexity leads to less ad spend
  2. Higher CTR- ad groups can be matched to high-intent user’s exact searches to make your site more appealing
  3. Greater Quality Score
  4. Google rewards higher CTR and Quality Score which increases average position on the search list

All of these reduce the cost of the campaign. Researchers found that increasing quality score by just one point could result in a 16% decrease in cost per conversion (


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