Converting Website Visitors into Customers


How does your business turn a potential client for window cleaning services into a paying customer?

Everyone knows how important first impressions are. Online, your company’s first impression is its website. Your goal in building a digital presence should be to provide visitors with some friendly, useful information and a direct line to you. Giving interested individuals a way to discuss your services with you directly results in more job estimates and significantly higher sales.

So what does a customer need to see before they pick up the phone and give you a call? The Big Three to hit are:

    Good User Experience

    A Clear Call to Actions

    Real Customer Testimonials

Providing a good User Experience involves designing a clean, easy to navigate website or landing page. Your page should contain succinct, easy-to-read information which is useful to visitors and presented in a visually appealing format. In the modern digital age when many people surf the web on a mobile device, this means designing pages which are functional on everything from a cell phone or tablet to a large-monitor desktop computer.

Once you have a web page which provides a good User Experience, you need to make sure it includes A Clear Call to Action. A good call to action shows users in a non-intrusive way how to reach you, and makes it apparent that a great time to do so is RIGHT NOW. This can be as simple as a short info form which is sent to your email address, or a “Call Now” button reminding interested parties that there’s no better time than the present to request a free window washing estimate.

Finally, you should reach out to satisfied customers and politely ask them to take the time to leave a review for your window cleaning business’s Facebook, Google My Business, Yelp, etc page.

“I made the biggest mistake.
I waited four months before deciding on having ADFly do a local SEO campaign for my residential painting business. Within two days of launching the campaign, I got three leads, did two estimates and booked 5.5k. Obviously, that’s not very normal but an amazing result!
Now I’m kicking myself for not having done it earlier.
I really appreciated Scott’s patience in explaining the process, detailed attention to the landing page and communication.
Don’t make my same mistake of waiting to have them do your marketing!”

If a visitor is on the fence about using your service, a handful of Real Customer Testimonials like this one can make the decision for them. We advise against asking customers to leave reviews on all of these sites at the same time, but one or two is just right. Try to ask satisfied customers to leave reviews on platforms where you’re lagging behind – if you have a dozen good reviews on Google My Business and Yelp but few on Facebook, ask your next couple customers to review you there.

These three basic categories are important, but you’ll only see the benefits if potential customers are regularly visiting your window cleaning company’s website. Click Here to read that piece.

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