Digital Marketing and Your Business

Why Pay for Digital Marketing Services?

For over a decade their has been a buzz around digital services like SEO, SEM, social media and how they relate to your business.

However, there is still considerable confusion around what kind of results a digital campaign can provide.

Let’s take a closer look at the some of the key reasons to pay for digital marketing services.

1. Get More Visitors to Your Website

There are over 40,000 Google searches per second, and over 3.5 billion searches per day. Digital services can assist with driving some of those searches to your business.


Read more about that here: Optimize your website.

Essentially, digital campaigns assist with getting valuable information in front of consumers. Google rewards the best content with higher search ranking.

2. Greater Conversion Rates

Digital marketing has derives significantly higher conversion rates than traditional marketing efforts.Traditional marketing emphasizes increasing awareness of a company’s product or service. Awareness, in this sense is general, which results in the use of marketing dollars on consumers not highly likely to purchase. Digital marketing emphasizes positioning advertisements in front of high intent consumers.

Using digital services like SEM or pay-per-click can increase a website’s search position. Read more about SEM here: Search Engine Marketing and Pay Per Click. Company’s that show up on the first page of Google are 98% more likely to receive a click from location specific searches.

3. Pay Less for Results

Youtube $ vs. Televison $$

Blogs $ vs. Magazines $$

Social Media $ vs. Mailers and Flyers $$

The world is more connected than ever because of the internet. Take advantage of large audiences on low-cost media.

4. Measurable/Data Driven Decisions

Traditional marketing efforts have taken heat over the years for their immeasurable nature. How many of our marketing dollars are really leading to sales?

Targeting demographic data (that millions of Americans reveal every day on the web) ensures that digital advertising dollars are applied to high intent consumers. Consumer feedback is tracked and recorded every time an action is taken on a piece of advertising material, and from their, digital marketers can extract analytics reports.Using these reports can funnel advertising efforts to the kind of consumer that has high intent  on a particular service.

ADFly offers detailed conversion tracking, and works tactfully to drive qualified leads to your business. In depth initial website

Learn more about what ADFly can do for you:

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