Getting the Most Out of Your Expanded Text Ads


If you are new to Adwords or are struggling with the results of your ad campaigns, here are a few tips from the team at ADFly to help increase conversion rates.

(Additional info can be found here:  Google support)

Parts of an Ad

Eye tracking software shows that the average person looking at google search results is only going to look at the first 3 results after ads. After that, they take action on a page or make another Google search. This makes having an attractive ad crucial.

Parts of an ad:

An ad has a Headline 1&2, Description, Path, and Final URL, and finished expanded text ads should look like:


Headline 1:

Have something that is relevant to the content being searched. For SKAG (Single Keyword Ad Groups) a lot of times we will incorporate the Keywords in the ad group into the expanded text ads itself. Remember to capitalize the important words. A sound approach is if a word would be capitalized in a book title, then capitalize it in your headline. You are allowed 30 characters for both headlines.


Headline 2:

ADFly uses this section of the expanded text ads for something to advertise your product, service, webpage, etc. For instance, if you were advertising for a painter you could put something like “Get Your Free Estimate today.” ADFly’s Single Keyword Ad Group strategy is to use a Call-To-Action in this field.



Try to use things that are relevant and may improve your SEO. For instance, if you have painting service try to incorporate keywords like “house painting”.  If you have a specific location try to include that as well. You have 80 characters to work with in the description line and you get one exclamation point to use.

EX: House Painting Contractor in New York with Exterior Expertise. Schedule your Free Estimate Today!



This is a expanded text ads extension on your URL that is not actually in the URL. Use something the is very relevant to the information being searched. So, if someone google “House painter in New York City” have your path be “new-york” in the first path and house-painting in the next. The ad will then be programmed to show the link as “www.bestpaintingcompany/new-york/house-painting.”  People will look at this link as an if it is even more relevant to what they need.


Things to remember are to use lower case and use a hyphen between words.

Final URL:

This is the “landing page” that your potential customers clicking on your expanded text ad will go to. Make sure that you put the link exactly as it should be. If you replace any text in the Google Ad Words Editor, make sure you double check on your final path to see if any changes were made.

When complete it should look similar to this:


Final Mobile URL:

Having a landing page that is made specifically for mobile is when this is needed. Enter that into the final mobile URL location and make sure it is correct.

Always take the time to double check expanded text ads and make sure that these best practices are implemented correctly. Setting your ads up in this way will lead to a more successful ad campaigns with higher conversion rates.

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