How Can Window Cleaners Generate New Business Online?


One of the best ways for contractors to generate new sales is by increasing online interest in their business. As a Window Cleaner, how can you take advantage of these digital leads?

By using Search Engine Marketing strategies.

Search Engine Marketing works as a “sales funnel”, capturing potential customers who have expressed an interest in the kinds of services you have to offer. They are then directed towards direct contact with you, the business owner. Since they’re informed and interested, digital leads tend to be high quality and result in easy sales. In short, the secret is showing off your business to the right people at exactly the right time.

How can we know who’s interested?

How can we find them at the perfect moment?

It comes down to selecting keywords which reflect a high-intent to purchase goods or services. Also known as “long-tail” keywords, these words or short phrases can catapult your digital presence from zero to sixty in three seconds flat.

For example:

    Targeting your advertisements towards keywords like “Window Cleaners Near Me” or “window cleaning service” will show your business off to people interested in paying for a service.

On the other hand:

    More general keyword phrases like “window cleaning” will also target people trying to figure out how to get a streak-free shine on their car windshield, or even hit something as useless to you as “do-it-yourself window cleaning.”

The second example offers your service as a convenience to a homeowner or property manager, but it’s less likely they will go to your website and give you a call. These searchers are typically looking for a variety of information on a subject, translating into wasted advertising dollars for you.

For our next installment on converting website visitors interested in getting an estimate for your window washing services, we tackle incorporating campaign-specific landing pages into your digital marketing arsenal. Click Here for that post.

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