How Does Google Rank ‘High-Quality Content’?

High Quality Content

What does it mean to create high-quality content in the eyes of Google developers? Until recently, this was a fairly difficult question to answer.

Last month, Google released several developer guides for “high quality documentation”.

  1. Developer documentation:
  2. HTML/CSS:
  3. Javascript Style Guide:
  4. Java Style Guide:

These are just a few of the guides developers use internally to rank relevant content. They do not present a strict code, but rather helpful tips for creators looking to produce valuable content to users.

Do More of This

  • Friendly tones with a clear purpose
  • Be knowledgeable of search user’s needs without sounding academic
  • Standard grammar
  • Clear, concise sentence structure
  • Proper use of number and bullet lists
  • Use credible links

Do Less of this

  • Buzzwords
  • Slang
  • Exclamation points
  • Redundancy

The key to ranking highly on Google will always be providing the most valuable content to users. Use these guides as additional resources to improve ranking performance.

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