How do Landing Pages like these?

Get Results like this:

Increased Relevant Traffic

Quantifiable Lead Generation

Top Quality Scores

Quantifiable Lead Generation

Mobile User Focused

And Leads like these:

(Audio of our Clients’ Customers)

Read on below to see how ADFly does it.

Geographical-based lead generation system

Researched keywords for targeting viable customers

Encouraging action at the moment of interest in the service

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So How does it work?

Here’s how ADFly does digital lead generation differently:

  • First, we get to know your business: Past marketing, Current operations, and Future directions.
  • We pinpoint areas where profitability can be maximized while keeping advertising costs low.
  • Based on this, we devise ROI-driven hyper-segmented digital marketing channels to target potential customers from every angle.
  • Finally, we quantify the value we delivered to your business, based on lead costs and sales.

Advertising works best when directed to a campaign-specific webpage. ADFly’s search engine optimized landing page design service perfectly complements Pay-Per-Click marketing, offering potential customers a platform for which to sign up for your services. SEM ads are directed to your custom landing page, allowing visitors to call you directly or fill out a form to schedule an estimate. The enhanced user experience provided by a relevant, well-designed search engine optimized landing page can lower your SEM costs, meaning more clicks for the same amount of money, and drive more sales. All webpages are optimized for desktop, tablets and mobile.

College Pro Iowa City


College Pro Urbandale


College Pro St. Charles


What our Clients are saying:

College Pro Painters Urbandale

ClearView Windows

Pro Painters Guelph

ClearView Windows

Encourage Action from Potential Clients:

Direct relevant traffic to mobile and location optimized landing pages that allow potential customers to contact you at their exact time of inquiry.


After the potential customer interacts with the ad, they are directed to a search engine optimized web page that encourages action, like a lead form fill, or a direct phone line to schedule an appointment.

Show Up When You’re Being Searched for:

This goes beyond SEO. We’re talking about people searching for a service you offer in their location, then being the solution placed in front of them at the time of their search.

SEM Ranking

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) with Pay-Per-Click advertising on Google/Bing Search Engine.

ADFly offers targeted Search Engine Marketing tailored to your serviceable geographic area audience (i.e. age, interests, income etc.) and budget. Advertisements generate free exposure, as your budget is only charged when somebody clicks on your ad. This ensures the most efficient use of a small business’s advertising budget. Ultimately this process works by putting local contractors in front of potential customers at exactly the moment they’re searching for the services desired through Google or Bing.

Simply put: We grow your business by focusing on your bottom-line.

Our process is even simpler:

Single keyword ad group PPC campaigns

Precisely targeted social media promotions

High-quality, high-converting landing pages

Partner with an advertising agency that will make your money work as hard as you do.

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