Master Social Media for Your Business

So, somebody finally convinced you that social media should be a part of your digital marketing campaign. Now what?

First, thank this person. Second, you are behind the curve, but there are some basic tactics that can help you get your campaigns off the ground and looking professional.

(Here is how ADFly approaches getting your social media campaign off the ground: Social Media Marketing: Getting Started.)

There are more than sixty existing social media sites available for use. It’s time to decide which ones are best suited for your company. Here is an overwhelming list of social sites: 60+, good luck.

Understanding the Top Social Media Sites

Let’s start with the largest social networking site in the world:


Launched in February of 2004, Facebook changed the way the world did social networking.

  • Over 1 billion active users
  • More than 50% of users login once per day
    • The average time spent on site by these users is roughly one hour.
  • The platform is an important resource for accessing demographic data related to your potential customer

User’s are on Facebook to share engage and connect with people or things that are important to them. It is key to appeal to these interests.

What do people want to see on Facebook?

  • Video
    • In November of 2015, nearly 8 million videos were being viewed per day. That number is growing.
  • Photo’s
    • Posts with photo’s get about 40% more engagement than plain text.
  • Concise Wording
    • Posts with less than 250 characters typically perform at a higher level


This platform was originally launched as a unique social networking platform for photo and video sharing. It has recently become part of the Facebook empire.

  • Over 400 million active users
  • The top users are 18-29 years old
  • More than half of the users access their account at least once per day

What do people want to see on Instagram?

  • High quality photos and videos
    • This hasn’t changed since its launch in 2010
    • Emphasize quality and relevance to your audience
  • Regular updates
    • Create a consistent schedule so people become used to engaging in your content
  • Likes and Comments
    • Give to receive
    • Like and comment on other company pages (or personal) that are relevant to your industry
      • You will likely grow your audience– at the very least maybe you open up a dialogue

Helpful tip: The Hashtag (#)

  • Posts containing hashtags receive almost 13% more engagement


Twitter is still one of the top social networking platforms in play today.

  • 328 million active users
  • Over 80% of users access the site via mobile (importance of mobile optimization).
  • By the end of 2016, nearly 70% of companies with 100+ employees used Twitter for marketing

What do people want to see on Twitter?

  • Replies to comments
    • 77% of users feel better about a brand that had timely reply to comments and questions
  • Images
    • Posts with images receive double the engagement
  • Concise, attention-grabbing posts
    • Twitter allows 140 characters (now 280 for some) per post.

Now What?

These are only a few of the top social media sites you and your company must understand/utilize in a digital marketing campaign.

  1. Research the best sites for your company’s offering.
  2. Experiment.
  3. Figure out how your customers want to interact with your brand socially.
  4. Ask your customer what they want.
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