Search Engine Marketing Near Me: Pay Per Click

What is pay per click (PPC)?

Simply put, it is paid advertising on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!. These search engines allow bidding on industry relevant keywords to place your site/company/etc. at the top of the search list. In doing so, your site is placed in front of an audience that has high intent to take action on your page.

*The top five sites on the search list receive 75% of clicks*

Two common forms of PPC:

  1. Search Ads (most common)- seen at the top and bottom of search pages (i.e. [Ad])
  2. Remarketing Ads– the ads that follow you around from page to page once you’ve visited a particular site.

ADFly typically emphasizes search ad’s because they are less intrusive and searches are high-intent.

Campaign Strategy

PPC coupled with landing page optimization is the foundation for ADFly’s search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns. Landing pages are a great way to get specific about the different services you provide. Through optimization, landing pages are full of relevant information pertaining to high-intent searches. Therefore, you are more likely to appear at the top of the search list when your services are needed, not just when your name is searched.

ADFly uses a highly segmented approach to PPC: single keyword ad groups. Essentially, managers that use single keyword ad groups can ensure the keywords you bid on match what your potential customers are searching for. This increases click-through rates, quality score, and improved average position all while lowering cost per click.

Pro’s to Pay Per Click

  • Managers of a pay per click campaign make data driven decisions.
    • Maximizes reach
    • Maximizes response rate
    • Minimizes advertising expense
  • Expect to see results within a couple weeks.
    • Ability to precisely target demographics
    • Ability to precisely target by location
    • Managers can analyze search term relevance and make quick adjustments.

How Much Can You Expect to Pay?

The management cost for a pay per click campaign varies. Common factors affecting price are number of services to advertise, size of geographic targeting, and the type of campaign you wish to implement.

ADFly advises a minimum initial investment to begin collecting demographic and location data. Investment may increase when the target audience has been established.



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