Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Marketing

What is Search Engine Marketing? 

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the means of advertising with the pay-per-click cost model on search engine results pages, and ad position on websites around the World Wide Web. Search Engines like Google and Bing allow your brand to position itself as a relevant source of information for a potential customer’s search by bidding on keywords associated with your service, industry, and location. 

Correlating SEM keywords with search engine optimized ad copy and landing pages is the mix driving ROI on your digital marketing efforts. Pay-per-click advertising allows for cost efficient and precisely targeted marketing technology that a business can use to ensure your brand is found and recognized by what they offer potential customers of their community.

Cost Effective Search Engine Marketing

At ADFly, in depth search engine marketing campaigns start with building well researched keyword lists relative to your industry. By refining the current terminology of professionals as well as trends in search terms from potential customers, ADFly positions your page amongst the top websites on search engine results pages.

Our best practices ensure your potential customers find you not only when your brand is searched, but also when they may not know your name, but need services you offer. The best part is, your don’t spend money directly on the ad placement, unless someone clicks on it, resulting in top tier brand awareness.



Geotargeting Search Engine Marketing

SEM ad rankings, quality scores, and clickthrough rates can all be optimized with consistent keyword synchronization.  By building data driven search terms into ad copy, landing pages, and the exact phrases your potential customers are using to find your services on search engines.

Shopping for services online has lead search engine users to include location specific information when searching Google and Bing. Your potential customers know that their ideal service provider will be a local company, and ADFly will position you to be recognized as a relevant provider in your area.

Measurable Search Engine Marketing

The nature of digital marketing leads to measurable results. ADFly offers detailed conversion tracking, and we work closely to decipher and decrease your average cost for a qualified lead. In depth initial website analysis and monthly reporting provides data driven & actionable intelligence.

Making you confident that your online advertising budget is going to the right place is our mission. To get you started, we’ll back your initial budget with some of our own, and keep you in the loop of the adjustments we’re making, as well as the opportunities ADFly will identify.


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