Does Social Media Engagement Impact SEO Rank?

There has been a lot of debate on this topic over the years.

The answer: Yes. But maybe not in the way you think.

Here’s Why

Studies by Moz Marketing Company have found a strong correlation between high organic search rankings and high engagement ratings on Facebook.

They conclude that the relationship between the two have to do with machine learning (systems in place to rank the most relevant content on search engines and social sites). These systems are programmed to reward high engagement with increased visibility.


Search engines like Google and social sites like Facebook strive to put the most popular and relevant content in front of consumers. The algorithms measure engagement as a way to benchmark how relevant content is to consumers. Essentially they are asking, “Are we putting the right information in front of the right viewers?”

What factors determine relevance?

Google uses a multitude of metrics in their ranking algorithm; Perhaps the most important is click-through rate (CTR). The top five Google search results may all contain relevant information to a searcher. However, CTR indicates where each site should be ranked based on actual value added to the user.

Facebook does something similar, however their algorithm is based on engagement metrics such as likes, comments and shares. When a piece of content starts to develop traction on these metrics, Facebook starts to reward it with more visibility.

How to capitalize

High social engagement correlates strongly with high organic search CTR


Turn your best social content into web content and best web content into social content. It makes sense that content that performs well organically will also perform well in paid advertisement form. If people like a post/article and the topics covered, adding advertising dollars will simply increase the audience.

The key is quality content that increases the likelihood of user engagement.

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