Social Media Management Tools

Social Media Management Tools

We know that consistent posting is the key to any successful social media campaign. However, a consistent social media posting schedule can get lost in the shuffle with day to day business operations.

Dozens of social media management tools have been created to solve this problem (Hootsuite, Buffer, Sprout Social, and many more). With minimal research, you may notice that each tool offers similar features:

  • Engagement analytics
  • Integration of business accounts across multiple platforms
  • Ability to schedule posts

Pro and Con



The ability to schedule posts days/weeks/months at a time means there is less need to attend to social media each day. All business accounts can be seamlessly connected, which adds convenience and ensures a consistent brand voice across all platforms. With added convenience there is more consistency.


Non-Native Content

Users interact with content in different ways depending on the platform (AKA, one-post-does-not-fit-all). For example, an image posted on Instagram does not appear on a user’s Twitter feed in the same way. If a single post is blasted across all business accounts, important nuances of each platform are lost (often reducing engagement metrics).

Recommended Tools and Word of Advice

Below are some of the most popular tools for social media management:

  1. Hootsuite:
  2. Buffer:
  3. Sprout Social:

ADFly has recently experimented with the tool Ripl, which provides similar features to the social media management tools above.

Word of Advice

If your business social media accounts are suffering do to lack of consistency and attention, social media management tools can be very helpful. The key is developing a posting schedule so the follower base can build strong ties to the company’s brand.

Beware of potential negative effects of “non-native content” on engagement. Basic research on social platforms will ensure that content is aesthetically appealing on as many accounts as possible.

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