Social Media Marketing: Getting Started

The prominence of social media across the world has made it easier than ever to like, share, and promote an organizational brand. Unfortunately, many companies struggle to create and maintain strong social campaigns. If you have ever attempted to develop a company brand socially, you have probably run into some common problems

  • How do the various platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) differ?
  • How do I properly represent my brand socially?
  • What do loyal and/or potential customers want to see from my company on their social feed?

Create an Experience

Traditional advertising outlets (television, radio, banner ads on websites) are often in-your-face and disruptive. If you’ve ever been stuck watching an infomercial during a favorite TV show break, you understand the problem!

People use social media for a host of reasons, but the average consumer is looking to engage with friends, family, and items of interest. Social media provides an opportunity for businesses to add to the consumer experience. Instead of disrupting your audience with in-your-face advertisements, provide content worth engaging in.

Increase Engagement

Your campaign will grow based on the current state of your company and brand (Johnson and Johnson vs. Joe’s Detailing). ADFly’s social media marketing strategy starts with a “Three Pillar Approach” to create a baseline foundation for consistent posting.  The Three Pillars broadly focus on increasing engagement by providing information the consumer finds valuable and entertaining.

The Three Pillars

  • Brand – What does your product, service, or company stand for?
    • Tell your story
    • Tell why you do what you do (People buy into an authentic why)
    • Tell how you do it best
  • Community – increase personal and organizational relationships
    • Promote other local business
    • Provide information on local events
    • Engage in the online community (e.g. sharing a post about a charity event taking place)
  • Promotion – The ask. Calls to action.
    • Sell potential customers on your product or service
    • Highlight promotional offers, discounts, limited time offers, etc.
    • Ask for a like/share/subscription

The key to the Three Pillar Approach is consistency. Consistent posting will lend itself to insights and lead to growth opportunities through precisely targeted promoted posts.

Implementing the Three Pillar Approach should not be restrictive. There are many ways to interact with consumers in a social campaign. The Three Pillar Approach could grow to a five pillar approach depending on your business’s mission. The Pillars are simply meant to be structural guidelines to start creating content consumers value.

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