How Window Cleaners Enhance Search Engine Optimization


Your window cleaning company has a dedicated landing page and is directing traffic to this page with Pay-Per-Click search engine marketing. You’re getting the occasional leads and it’s worth the cost, but how can you take down your cost per conversion and ultimately lower your cost per acquisition for a lifetime client?

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Now What?

Search engine marketing strategies typically begin with a shotgun approach – you should try to capture everything related to your services. Over the course of the initial 60 to 90 days of your campaign, we recommend paying close attention to how your keywords perform and how your budget is being spent. You should quickly respond to phrases which may seem relevant but are a drain on your budget without generating leads, and refocus those funds on high-traffic search terms.

It can be tricky to determine which of your targeted keywords are contributing the most to your bottom line. Conversion Tracking the best place to start in determining what constitutes a successful keyword, ad, or campaign in Digital Marketing. Whether a conversion is a phone call or an info form requesting a window cleaning estimate, we want confirmation that the search phrases are leading to action being taken on your website. Another strong indicator of success in PPC is Click-Through Rate of keywords. There are many other metrics for keyword performance, however, these can get complicated very quickly – conversion and click-through rates are a great place to start!

Once you have compiled a listed of your highest performing keywords on the pay-per-click platform, it’s time to compare those numbers with comprehensive data provided by Google Analytics. Google Analytics allows you to compare “New Visitors,” “Bounce Rates,” and “Time Spent on Page,” which are all powerful statistics to analyze when investigating how visitors engage with your landing page.

Ongoing Optimization

Identifying your most successful keywords allows you to generate additional long tail and targeted keywords based on what is currently working. For example, if you’re targeting the Keyword “window cleaning services” and the search phrase of one of your converting website visitors was “window cleaning services for large homes”  you may benefit from segmenting your keywords further.Based on that successful conversion we will now target that search phrase specifically as well as include other keywords which are very similar such as:
“window cleaning services for small homes”

“window cleaning services for large buildings”

“window cleaning services for small buildings”

“window cleaning services for large office”

“window cleaning services for small office”


Routine, Routine, Routine

With searches happening every second of every day, analyses and ongoing optimization strategies can lead you down a rabbit hole of new possible targeted keywords. In our opinion, it makes sense to add these,  test them, and quantify their returns as a part of routine ongoing optimization of search engine marketing campaigns.

At ADFly, all of our search engine marketing clients are maintained by employees dedicated to ongoing optimization. This means if ADFly does your SEO, the same person is in the trenches of your local search engine marketing campaigns week after week, looking for the keywords and phrases that actually get customers’ attention best.

For our next installment on converting window washing estimates into sales, we’ll take a look at comparing these tactics dollar-for-dollar, allowing you to measure ROI in a way that’s crystal clear.

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